What  Our Customers Say About Us

Zenesis Ltd was established in 1999 as a consultancy and software development house focused on providing tailored, cost effective implementations.  We have built solutions for large, high-availability customers as well as flexible low cost systems for SMEs and worked within existing IT departments to outsource specific projects. 

Since 2003 we have used our experience to design and build a software framework which allows for rapid software development and flexibility in data design, incorporating features found on the leading edge of technology and/or in high-end solutions.  The deliberate focus on reusability and design is to make software available to new customers which is affordable, smart, secure, and can be extended now and in the future.  This software has been developed in association with SPAR UK where each release has met specific real-world targets.

Here is a selection of testimonials for of recent and ongoing projects from our customers; if you would like more detail, or would like to arrange references please contact us by phone on 0845 094 4166 or email at john.spackman@zenesis.com .

SPAR (UK) Limited

SPAR (UK) Limited are our flagship customer – since 1996 we have developed all the software used for CRM, product and deal management, retail sales analysis, promotions, central invoicing & accounts, wholesaler and depot data systems, and integration with EIS/OLTP data mining tools. 

Since 2003 we have developed three websites for them (and are developing a fourth) as part of their extranet for communicating with suppliers and wholesalers for QA, CRM, central accounting, and statistics.

During the course of the project, Warwick Business School commissioned a report to find what makes a successful IT project and what makes one fail; with SPAR’s permission, we volunteered as one of the successful projects.  As it turns out, we were one of only a few successful respondents. 

Read more about the projects, a testimonial from the IT controller at SPAR UK, and about the commendation from Warwick Business School.

Intentor Ltd

Intentor are a Bristol company that provide display systems for dental surgeries and provide video advertising to corporate customers including GSK, Colgate, Philips, and more.  Since 2005 we have provided consultancy advice and support to Intentor and built their new website

Read the testimonial from the Managing Director of Intentor Ltd

True North GB Ltd

True North Ltd provides training in Outsourcing and are the only University-accredited provider in the UK.  Their customers include Boots, BT Wholesale, Capital One, Carphone Warehouse, Hyundai, Logica, npower, National Grid, RAC, and Seimens, to name just a few

True North see their future including a online, interactive portion of course tuition and examination, and have even been approached to provide this as a multi-lingual offering abroad.  When True North wanted to offer part of their NOA Pathway course online, they came to us to build the website and the software to make it happen.

Read the testimonial from the Managing Director of True North Ltd

The Solar Club

The Solar Club was started in 2010 by Katie Moore to meet the growing concern in environment issues and to look at ways for community investment in green energy and all ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Katie Moore is an entrepreneur and has started several successful business in the past, including the Business Startup Community which she built to a successful online community of 70,000 members.

Katie is also one of our Specialised Partners - she provides marketing and business consultancy, training in social media, and has most recently been working with the Children’s Scrap Store to develop their marketing and business growth strategy.

Read the testimonial from Katie Moore

1230.co.uk The Womens Company

1230 are a national meetings and events company for women in business, providing networking opportunities, support and advice to their membership.  We took over their existing website in mid 2009 and provide development and support.

Read the testimonial from the Managing Director of 1230


GTA was setup as a group-purchasing organisation working on behalf of its members to negotiate volume discounts from a number of suppliers.  We took over their IT function in April 2000, and provided ongoing software development and support, in additional to network and systems support.  This included front-line support to users as well as long term planning.

Read the testimonial from the Technical Director of GTA Ltd